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See what clients in a variety of industries  are saying about working with Simple Solutions Direct!

Simple Solutions Direct is great to work with on different projects. They bring authenticity, intelligence, creativity, and professionalism to every

project. Simple Solutions Direct also has a knack for

problem-solving. They go above and beyond to ensure client

satisfaction. I recommend them because they are more than competent; they are

an asset to any work project with their unique skill set and positive input. - Michelle V - Freelancer

Simple Solutions Direct really helped me stand out among my competitors in a very competitive market. - Jake F -  Car Dealership 

SSD really helped me get my Facebook ads organized. They were a mess before. SSD even helped write the marquees for each product. - Fred S - Food Service


Simple Solutions Direct helped me get more exposure in Orange County. - Michael W - Realtor


The process was simple and customized to cater our needs as a company. Simple Solutions Direct worked with us every step of the way. A lot more efficient than any of the other marketing companies we’ve worked with in the past. Highly recommended! - Rachael C - Food Service


Helped bring our online presence into the 21st century! Very easy to work with. - Antwan J - Entertainment Industry

Simple Solutions Direct was exactly what I needed to get my freelance business off the ground. I do freelance writing and photography and I honestly had no idea where to start with marketing my business and branding myself as a freelancer. I knew NOTHING! Simple Solutions Direct embraced this challenge and not only answered ALL of my questions but they had excellent suggestions on what kind of content would bring the most traffic to my business. I employed their strategy and noticed a difference in traffic to my site (Instagram and Facebook), and I was pleasantly surprised. They  helped me take my ideas and build them into a business, which is a dream come true for me! 

Simple Solutions Direct has been so professional and the customer service is always stellar. I ask a lot of questions that may seem basic and I always feel that any and all of my questions are valued and taken seriously by Simple Solutions Direct. I truly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Simple Solutions Direct! - Bailey C - Author





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